Workforce Management Platform

Our innovative platform combines talent sourcing and deployment tools with provider compensation and contracting tools, creating an end-to-end solution for healthcare workforce management.

HHCS Platform EinsteinII

Talent Sourcing & Deployment

Our talent sourcing and deployment tools are so intelligent, we named them after one of the world’s smartest scientists.

HHCS Platform EinsteinII - Internal Resource Pool Screenshot
HHCS Platform EinsteinII - Internal Resource Pool
  • Optimize and automate deployment, communication, and scheduling
  • Track credential competencies, ensuring right resource, right place, right time
  • Drive reduction in contract labor and fill open positions
  • Connect with talent via mobile device, making communication and deployment seamless and attracting “gig economy” workforce
HHCS Platform EinsteinII - Vendor Management Solution
  • Standardize and automate day-to-day procurement and management of contract labor
  • Increase fill rates (97%)
  • Decrease costs and time-to-fill (<20 days)
  • Gain transparency and control over vendor relationships, contract terms, credentialing and rates
  • Connect with 750+ staffing firms through one interface

Customer Success & Talent Delivery Team

Our team of experts acts as an extension of your team.

Delivery Team

Reduce Costs

Eliminate unnecessary layers and costs of MSPs and additional FTEs

Extend Your Teams

Extend your HR, nursing and finance teams with no cost support resources

Improve Governance

Ensure credentialing documents are completed

Improve Workflows

Gain support for reviews and approvals of timesheets based on your custom parameters

Automate Invoicing

Automate invoices for your electronic approval

Stay Connected

Stay informed with weekly cadence calls, monthly update emails, QBRs, transparent bill rate data, vendor performance scorecards and productivity monitoring

HHCS Platform HeisenbergII

Provider Compensation & Contracting

Our provider solutions product line was born out of the change and uncertainty created by an evolving healthcare landscape, so we named it after the scientist credited with the uncertainty principle.

HHCS Platform HeisenbergII - Provider Compensation
  • Automate provider compensation calculations
  • Reduce the risk of errors associated with manual efforts
  • Aggregate information from disparate systems into a single source of real-time truth
  • Manage variability and tracking performance by pay element for accurate provider compensation
HHCS Platform HeisenbergII - Contract Management
  • Eliminate the gap between contract management and provider compensation calculation
  • Automate contract generation based on provider negotiations
  • Gain full control of the entire approval process with detailed workflows and notifications
  • Increase organizational productivity and efficiency


Who Benefits from Hallmark Health Care Solutions

Hallmark Health Care Solutions, and our Einstein II (EII) and Heisenberg II (HII) product lines, continue to revolutionize theories, changing the way we look at workforce management, and honoring those earlier scientists who saw things differently and were able to disrupt original theories.

Hallmark HCS for Health Systems, Hospitals & LTC

Health Systems, Hospitals and LTC Facilities

Tools for easily sourcing and deploying talent from both internal resource pools and through a vendor-neutral VMS.

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Hallmark HCS for Provider Enterprises

Provider Enterprises

Tools for seamlessly automating and managing provider compensation and contracting.

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Hallmark HCS for Staffing Agencies

Staffing Agencies

Tools for effortlessly managing talent resource pools and efficiently deploying staff to customer accounts.

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